1. Petition for Mamrie Hart and Miranda Hart to collab!


    all I want is for this sassy queen


    to meet this sassy queen


    is that too much to ask? 


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    "Oh captain, my captain."

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  4. This is very fascinating indeed and also REALLY not for the faint-hearted.



  5. Welcome to Sterling Cooper and Partners we are all literal children except our moms Joan and Dawn.


    Now hand me that sippy cup of brandy thank you.

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    Berlin Wall. Christmas 1962.

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  7. Here’s a baby camel.

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    The Top Ten Best Museums to Visit on Easter:

    1. Ukrainian Easter Egg Museum

    Ukraine might be having some problems right now, to put it lightly, but it’s home to the only museum in the world dedicated to the Ukrainian easter egg (pysanka) that also happens to be in a egg-shaped building.

    2. Germany’s Easter Egg Museum

    Easter eggs originated in Germany so it’s more than appropriate that the country has an Ostereimuseum with over 900 eggs on display.

    3. Museum of Russian Icons

    You got to give a shout out to Orthodox Easter with this Massachusetts museum that has over 500 icons and artifacts spanning over six centuries in its collection.

    4. Bunny Museum

    A couple converted their Pasadena home into a museum of quirky collectibles, now numbering 28,000 bunnies. There’s even a giant bunny bush in front of the building.

    5. Cathedral Buffet’s Life of Christ Display

    If you happen to be in Ohio and you’re hungry, why not go to this Christian restaurant, which has thirteen miniature dioramas of Jesus’ life in its basement. 

    6. Cyclorama of Jerusalem

    Open since the 1950s, visitors can experience what the city of Jerusalem looked like during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with one of the world’s largest circular paintings (in Quebec of all places).

    7. Cross Garden

    Alabama is one of America’s most religious states, so it’s not a surprise there is an attraction with hundreds of home-made crosses warning the people out there who have yet to be saved.

    8. Salvation Mountain

    This famous art installation made of adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint was created by a local artist who found the Lord Jesus Christ in the 1960s. Remember Jesus Is The Way.

    9. Desert Christ Park

    Speaking of California outdoor art, the state is also home to a collection of 40 all-plaster Jesus statues, with the main highlight being a massive “last supper”.

    10. Nun Doll Museum

    I know nuns don’t automatically make you think of Easter, but Cross in the Woods is a National Catholic Shrine located in Northern Michigan that is home not only to the world’s largest crucifix but also a collection of over 500 nun dolls. So why not make a day out of it!

    Honorable Mentions: Belgium’s Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Nantucket Basket Museum, Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia

  9. Happy Easter, lovely people of tumblr!

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    My AP Psych teacher from high school keeps binders and notebooks with dicks drawn on them to use as visual aids for the Freudian unit.

    One time she did this life changing little “experiment” where she ever so calmly asked guys why they draw penises on things. They tried to say “it’s just funny” or “you don’t understand” and she just kept saying “you’re right, I don’t understand. Explain to me. You already know what a penis looks like, why do you have to draw it on things? Are you marking it? Are you tagging it? Girls don’t draw vaginas on things.” And the guys suddenly started questioning their motives for everything they do and one guy was like “ms, stop talking about penises, you’re making us uncomfortable.” And she shouted “HOW DO YOU THINK WE FEEL SEEING DICKS DRAWN ON STUFF ALL THE TIME?”

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