1. minmiomaya said: Your rolling skills rock!

    Hehehe, thank you! I’m sure yours are excellent too. Mostly, I just feel a wee bit smugly pleased that I managed to pack this relatively small (for a person who likes choice, and also needs to pack work clothes on top of casual digs) capsule wardrobe for five months. Coats not included though. If they were, I’d be REALLY smug.

  2. This is how I roll.


  3. Have you ever laid awake at night wondering what the correct use of a semi-colon is?


    Fear not! The Oxford Dictionaries Community is now on hand to answer any questions you may have about grammar, language, and practical writing.

    You can either join an old topic of conversation or create a new topic. We look forward to seeing you there!


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  4. sara-wrote-this:


    There’s an article about Laura where the first five paragraphs are just her gushing about the baby who plays Angela.

    I can’t wait to see these scenes. I may die from the adorableness.

    The headline (omg Daily Mail, rolls eyes) made me think something awful was going to happen on CtM to make her home life hell, but then I realized they were just talking about the amount of strife and dirt her character on The Mill has to deal with. But really…(rolls eyes again).

    P.S.: “Passion-killing spectacles?” Clearly, this writer has not read any CtM fanfic. 

    (Re: spectacles) Or just watched any CtM. “Glasses. I’d quite like to see the groom” comes to mind…

  5. outdoormagic:


    or two :)

    Who says money can’t buy love?

    Dear tumblrverse,

    because you are all such a wise lot, is anybody aware of any animal (cat, in this instance) rescue service in CHINA? A stray cat just jumped through the window of one of the girls-in-my-flat’s room, and they (the girls) are quite insistent on finding a reliable animal rescue service for it.

    I’m not so knowledgeable of that side of China, so any help at all would be deeply appreciated!

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  6. It’s really quite lovely when it is just a bog-standard day on tumblr, when suddenly a previously unknown tumblr user swoops in and likes/reblogs/whatever a bunch of your Call the Midwife posts, and you think, “ah, welcome to the fandom.”

  8. futurejournalismproject:

    My Handwriting’s Crap, How ‘Bout Yours

    Ever since personal computers made their way into the classroom, handwriting’s been on the way out. Many schools teach kindergartners and first graders how to print but don’t move on to cursive. Consider handwriting an increasingly obsolete art.

    But research shows that writing by hand actually improves brain development. For example, Nancy Darling, psychology professor at Oberlin:

    Using our hands requires the development of particular areas of the brain. That’s true when we are learning to use a tool, like our ancestors wielding an axe. It’s true when we learn to play the piano. It’s true when we learn to write. It’s true when we learn to sew or play with blocks. One of the advantages of moving away from the keyboard and doing something that requires greater flexibility in how we use our hands is that it also requires greater flexibility in how we use our brains. This, in turn, requires our brains to develop in new ways.

    In Pacific Standard, Ted Scheinman explains, “The benefits of writing by hand, and doing so from a young age, are fundamental: improved and sustained development in social skills, hand-eye coordination, long-term memory. And when one considers “fluency” in its literal sense, it makes sense that cursive especially can energize a more fluid and coherent process of thought.”

    He then goes into this doozy of an anecdote from Valerie Hotchkiss at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign:

    Recently, an undergraduate asked me for help with a manuscript she was studying. I assumed it was something along the lines of a medieval Latin text or perhaps even a particularly difficult Marcel Proust letter (our library holds the largest collection of Proust letters in the world), but when I bent over the letter to help, I saw that it was in English and in the very neat, clear hand of John Ruskin. “What’s the problem?” I asked.

    “Oh, I don’t do cursive,” answered the undergraduate.

    Takeaway: Practice your chickenscratch. — Michael

    Image: Some words, written using the Dakota font.


  9. Sign #512 that this research trip is not only gearing towards the end, but also beginning to take its toll on me:

    "Where is my watch? Where is my watch? Where. Is. My. Wa- Oh I’m wearing it."

    Is this my punishment for having made it to grad-school without needing glasses?

  10. the-fault-in-our-youtubers:

    the internet summed up in one gif set

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