1. owlsiehoot said: It is MEAN to pronounce. There are two ch’s in there and a sch as well hehe.

    Well… variety is the spice of life? Do you bake? You could make one yourself! A grill seems to be the main necessity. ^^

    P.S. That said, I can offer “sjuksköterska”. It means “nurse” in Swedish.

  2. artemisdreaming:

    World Ballet Day LIVE

  3. orange4angel:

    From the Doctor Who Annual 2015.


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  4. "Chet" being all radiant and that on Extra Slice.

  5. Guess whose handwriting…?

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  6. Slightly off the bakery topic (and on a more vain one): I think I want every single one of Chetna’s necklaces we’ve seen…


  7. People need to stop crying.

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  8. owlsiehoot said: I was like ‘Schichtkuchen? That is Baumkuchen guys!’ Now I want some….. Like now.

    I’m guessing that somebody on the production team saw the name “Schichtkuchen” and couldn’t resist…


  9. NUTS.


  10. Luis getting his creation out of the tin but WITHOUT the context of his hands looked like the birth of… entremalien.

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