1. I have been waiting 15 minutes. If you were in Russia, you would be in Gulag by now.

    Taking a brief intermission from GBBO to post this bit from Sue’s sitcom, Heading Out, in which Mel is a guest star. Because ultimately, Mel and Sue are, like Scotland and the rest of us, better together.

  2. The amazing hair is back.


  3. "Surprise Marmite." None for me please. I do not love it more than Chetna.

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  5. heckyeahnormangbbo:

    Norman vs the chakalaka on An Extra Slice.


  6. Anonymous said: What is the Bake Off?


    What ISN’T the Bake Off?

    The Bake Off is hopes and dreams, triumphs and disasters. It is one contestant’s struggle against the proving drawer, the soggy bottom, the piping bag. It is scones, victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, and the inadvisable use of lavender. It is birth, death, and every joy and sorrow in between. It is a brass band score, a sunny afternoon, a smear of flour on a fevered brow. It is the satisfying crunch of successful puff pastry, the forgiveness in Mary Berry’s eyes, the unanswerable question of how a cake can be ‘too cakey’. It is baking techniques that no one has heard of, it is the humble loaf raised to the most glorious standard. It is gallows humour in the face of the impossible, it is astonished incredulity in the face of the improbable.

    It is everything.

  7. On campus.

  9. h0nestmike:

    All 13 of them.

  10. bbcone:

    Chances of sleeping well tonight: Nil.