1. SPOILERS : CtM Series finale

    Might as well bask in this fandom aproper while the current series is still going on. The Beeb has put up the episode blurb for episode 8…

    As Chummy and Peter prepare to become parents, Fred has a visit from his daughter Dolly, who also has a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Sister Bernadette faces her own difficult crossroads; to the delight of her friends, particularly Dr Turner, her health crisis has passed and she will soon be free to leave the sanatorium. She must now decide whether her future lies within or outside the walls of Nonnatus House.

    Jimmy reappears, accompanied by his handsome colleague Alec, having been tasked by the council to survey the buildings in the area. Alec seems quite keen on Jenny, and an evening out to a jazz club sees romance blossom. As Chummy goes into labour, the winds of change are blowing through Poplar and the Nonnatus House community must stand together to face the challenges of the future.”

    At once, I both cannot wait, and cannot believe series 2 will soon be over.

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    Argh! The goodness of this! :) :)
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    I can’t wait for either this series to finish and for the next to start. :D
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