1. (…and now the spam shall seize. Edit: have clearly lost my mind, don’t know if I meant “seize up”, or “cease”. Meh.)

    I feel that I should add here, for anyone who cannot/has yet to find a link to the interview, that among the talk about CtM, there was discussion about gendering infants and young children. Jenny started off by saying that one should never refer to a child as “it”, and continued on the lines that children usually “gender” themselves eventually. It doesn’t help that many baby clothes (and baby products in general) are produced in pinks and blues, so you could dress your child in, say, yellow and/or purple just for kicks.

    Anyhoo, I wish that part of the discussion had gone on for longer.

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    i want all of Laura’s dresses. I hate dresses but if I have to wear them, I’d choose her EXACT style - short-sleeved and...
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