1. Aah! Sister Julienne! Cricket-PUN-joke. Pun. Pun. PUN.



  2. And once more we are sending people to Chichester…

    But I love how Shelagh’s suit matches the habits.

  3. Firstly, a picture of the Turner household. We know they own a mustard-yellow settee (group?) and stripy pyjamas, but it’s a colourful interior elsewhere too. Especially if you include Timothy for the count, with his blue school uniform and green uniform for Cubs. Shelagh and Patrick are dressed in grey. Grey may not be as severe as black, and if we overlook the fact that the wall behind them is beige (but not black - and beige will not be the new black), it seems to be a hint that they’re not as cheerful as their surroundings. (I can see the Patrick’s tie is patterned though, and I’m sure it’s entirely appropriate.)

    Jenny’s cab to Chichester (the place where nuns and sad nurses go to convalesce) is of course classic-London-Hackney-carriage black, which can be contrasted with newly-enlightened Sister Winifred’s blue habit, and maybe even the mural on the wall just beyond the bridge. Bonus picture of Sr Winifred looking adorable.

    Possibly me over-reading into everything, but I’ll take that on the chin.

  4. 1. The looks.

    2. People mid-song are usually beautiful (fine, to me, you don’t have to agree) just because you know they’re singing and being expressive and all that.

    3. A beautiful church. This one’s a tad too gilded for my taste, but beautiful nonetheless. Love a round window.

  5. Never trust a yellow-bellied colonial imperialist, people!



  6. If it wasn’t all so sad, I’d say this programme is obsessed with sending people to Chichester.

  7. :(


  8. Perhaps we should chuck in blood-and-gore warnings to any squeamish viewers who isn’t watching live.

    Personally, I’ve never minded watching the birth scenes, and perhaps that’s what marks the difference: natural versus unnatural/accidental gore.

  10. Like father like son?