1. Argentavis lived approximately 6 million years ago in Argentina. According to current estimates, it had a wing span of 7 metres.

  2. urbanination:

    Logos inspired by the landmark buildings they represent. 

  3. Song of the week. Weirdly good work-motivator. Suppose being in a good mood helps with everything.


  4. Appreciation post for cinematography and set design of Call the Midwife

    Small break from field work (yes! field work is being done now! At MOSI in Manchester), to watch Call the Midwife. Turns out it was a bad idea as I am now completely trapped in that world for the time being and unable to bring myself to write up any field notes.

    The focus-pulling during Dr Turner’s examination of Sister Bernadette, and the lighting during their discussion beforehand - don’t know if I’m looking too carefully, but the wash of paint on the wall behind her matches her eyes, ‘twas very striking - as well as on the X-ray table were exquisite.

    I love the incidental music as well, but that’s another post.