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  2. In hiatus times: Call the Midwife props and objects, part two.


  3. It’s really quite lovely when it is just a bog-standard day on tumblr, when suddenly a previously unknown tumblr user swoops in and likes/reblogs/whatever a bunch of your Call the Midwife posts, and you think, “ah, welcome to the fandom.”

  4. In hiatus times: Call the Midwife props and objects, part one.


  5. I’m still surprised when I see I have a message.

    I’m still excited when I get a new follower.

    I’m still happy when a post of mine actually gets notes.

    And I still appreciate each and every one of you who continues to follow me no matter how silly, or annoying, or weird I am.

    Followers dearest,

    This is my 1000th post.

    As somebody who posts sporadically - likely proportioned as manic posting when CtM is airing and now-and-then otherwise - it did take a little while to get here.

    I don’t know if I was/am meant to do something special with this post, but I think you are all luvvly jubbly/marvelosomussolini/quite appropriately tremendous/all of the above, so I am going to use this post to say that.

    I also wish you superior biscuits.

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  6. I usually run any and all caps through virtually the same treatment, and now I thought I would try different things.* ‘Cuz practice makes… improvement?

    *Such as not procrastinate, and/or sleep at a reasonable hour, like a real adultolescent.

  7. There’s a beauty in symmetry.


  8. Laura’s doing Sport Relief this year, and she’s committed to 50 miles of cycling. ICYMI, she did a phone interview with Fred MacAulay that’s now on iPlayer. Start at approx. minute the fifteenth. She’s her usual crunchy (in the best way), wonderful self.


  9. Finally got my act together and watched the series finale. And what a finale it was. (The music.)

    Problem was that my room-mate, who does watch the show, but hasn’t seen S3 yet, walked in right at the end, and caught the shot of future!Worths wandering off.

    She has asked for spoilers, and while I’m not against for spoilers myself, I think this one might be best under wraps, or what do you think? 

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    The Coming and Going of Jenny Lee: Television Writing Done Right

    In dealing with Jessica Raine’s departure, Heidi Thomas exceeds expectations yet again. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more apt exit for Jenny.

    It is a lovely nod to the original source material. And more importantly, it remains faithful to the character’s core values while also allowing her to evolve as a human being. Of course, Jenny doesn’t leave midwifery to get married (although some of us did fear it!) Rather, her move to hospice care feels like a very natural progression. It had always been evident that Jenny had a penchant for working with the elderly. 

    The s1e3 arc with war veteran Joe Collett is still one of my all-time favourite CTM stories (Joe was so instrumental in helping Jenny embrace the East End and become a better person). Jenny’s dedication to midwifery has always been for her desire to provide care above all else. She had recently witnessed the dehumanizing hospitalization of childbirth, meanwhile, she is hearing about this new hospice movement centred upon emotional support.

    And that final scene. Astonishingly beautiful. And so wonderfully composed.

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