1. I love the Trixie-Chummy friendship. Since the bike-learning, seduction-teaching, and outfit-approving of series 1.

  2. Sorry about the kobo-thing spam. Have some approving looks from the Nonnatus staff to cleanse your palate. I particularly love the one on the bottom, of Trixie giving Chummy a nod and a big smile before heading outside. Romances aside it’s the underlying friendships that really keep this show ticking, for me. Which is why I can’t wait for a bit of drama between Jenny and Trixie on Sunday. Mohaha.


  3. Delighted by the fact that Chummy is about to go all badass-midwife while looking like her mother.

  4. In the event that anyone is struggling with the BBC page/until somebody rips the whole clip.

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    Call the Midwife, based on a true story

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    I was going to spoiler this, but you know what, if it’s on the telly, it can go on here before “the jump”.

    Tons of speculation about who is going to make series 3, and by way of bracing myself, if these lovely folk don’t make it, they *need* that happy ending. (Frankly, they’re welcome to a happy ending regardless.)

    Does it look to anyone else like the picture of Timothy seems to be from a different scene to the two other pictures?  There’s no fog behind him, it looks almost sunny.  

    Those suitcases look like ‘going away for good’ packing, not ‘i’ve just come out of the sanitorium’ packing.  I hope he stops her from going and there’s a a big declaration of love. 

    I also think those look like “going away for good”-packing, so I hope it will… “force”, in the best way possible, some honesties. Like many others, I just care about them so much (likely too much), and can only hope that there’s some justice in the world, even telly world.

    While I am pretty certain Chummy is going nowhere, her bit in the trailer was a bit worrying too…


  8. SPOILERS : CtM Series finale

    Might as well bask in this fandom aproper while the current series is still going on. The Beeb has put up the episode blurb for episode 8…

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