1. There’s a beauty in symmetry.

  2. emilyonthewall:

    The Coming and Going of Jenny Lee: Television Writing Done Right

    In dealing with Jessica Raine’s departure, Heidi Thomas exceeds expectations yet again. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more apt exit for Jenny.

    It is a lovely nod to the original source material. And more importantly, it remains faithful to the character’s core values while also allowing her to evolve as a human being. Of course, Jenny doesn’t leave midwifery to get married (although some of us did fear it!) Rather, her move to hospice care feels like a very natural progression. It had always been evident that Jenny had a penchant for working with the elderly. 

    The s1e3 arc with war veteran Joe Collett is still one of my all-time favourite CTM stories (Joe was so instrumental in helping Jenny embrace the East End and become a better person). Jenny’s dedication to midwifery has always been for her desire to provide care above all else. She had recently witnessed the dehumanizing hospitalization of childbirth, meanwhile, she is hearing about this new hospice movement centred upon emotional support.

    And that final scene. Astonishingly beautiful. And so wonderfully composed.

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  3. People retreat from the world for different reasons, but, if I’d come to the Mother House of the order to forget, I was not forgotten… and that I was remembered made my pain endurable.

    - Mature Jenny

  4. Friends and family know, more often than not, what really matters.

    "Make sure you eat three square meals a day."

  5. I bought it for a weekend that’s never going to happen, with somebody I’m never going to see again.

  6. Sister Winifred, who is finding her footing in both her vocation and the community; and Shelagh, who is standing up again after the news from last week’s episode, are gradually being lit more brightly. In contrast (ooh, accidental pun), troubled Jenny is receding from the light, until she eventually faces away from the main (intended) light source in the shot altogether.

    Bonus Doctor Turner running, because my capping finger happened to hit right there.

  7. Fred is in there for comical relief (at least that’s how I interpret it) a lot of the time, but I’m glad he’s not stuck in that corner.

  8. I have voiced my approval of Alec (because of course everybody cares) since the Christmas Special, and thought the top photo (or what’s happening in it) was adorable. I particularly love how accepting he is of Jenny’s stance on their relationship without going all 1950s-patriarchy on her, although what with the CND and playing in a band, he does seem the progressive type 

    All of this makes me super-nervous about the second photo.

    What’s happening?!

  9. Feels almost overly shallow to do a sartorial post after the CF storyline, but then I’ll take that judgement.

    Jenny’s red lipstick and nautical-adjacent blouse.

    What I deemed the best angle for the office ensemble. (The fox!)

    Cynthia’s comparatively (to Jenny, Trixie, and even Shelagh) modest civvies, and red loafers (?). (Is the skirt made from the fabric that Chummy brought back from Sierra Leone?)

    Trixie’s beautiful meet-the-Princess dress.

    Everything in the last photo. For the record, I think the tie is pretty neutral.

  10. "I have this fantasy about painting my nails. Cherry red talons gleaming in the light. One day I won’t be able to resist it any longer. I’ll chuck out my rubber gloves, the carbolic soap and that infernal nail brush. Trade it all in for lashes of Atrixo and a proper manicure.”

    "But not yet?"

    "Absolutely not yet. There’s work to be done."

    There’s work to be done folks! 

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