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    There’s an article about Laura where the first five paragraphs are just her gushing about the baby who plays Angela.

    I can’t wait to see these scenes. I may die from the adorableness.

    The headline (omg Daily Mail, rolls eyes) made me think something awful was going to happen on CtM to make her home life hell, but then I realized they were just talking about the amount of strife and dirt her character on The Mill has to deal with. But really…(rolls eyes again).

    P.S.: “Passion-killing spectacles?” Clearly, this writer has not read any CtM fanfic. 

    (Re: spectacles) Or just watched any CtM. “Glasses. I’d quite like to see the groom” comes to mind…

  2. I usually run any and all caps through virtually the same treatment, and now I thought I would try different things.* ‘Cuz practice makes… improvement?

    *Such as not procrastinate, and/or sleep at a reasonable hour, like a real adultolescent.


  3. Laura’s doing Sport Relief this year, and she’s committed to 50 miles of cycling. ICYMI, she did a phone interview with Fred MacAulay that’s now on iPlayer. Start at approx. minute the fifteenth. She’s her usual crunchy (in the best way), wonderful self.

  4. Somehow I feel that those who are interested need to know that this happened.

    Miriam Margolyes is amused.

  5. (…and now the spam shall seize. Edit: have clearly lost my mind, don’t know if I meant “seize up”, or “cease”. Meh.)

    I feel that I should add here, for anyone who cannot/has yet to find a link to the interview, that among the talk about CtM, there was discussion about gendering infants and young children. Jenny started off by saying that one should never refer to a child as “it”, and continued on the lines that children usually “gender” themselves eventually. It doesn’t help that many baby clothes (and baby products in general) are produced in pinks and blues, so you could dress your child in, say, yellow and/or purple just for kicks.

    Anyhoo, I wish that part of the discussion had gone on for longer.

  6. Because I love facial expressions.

    That said, the clip from episode 4 they showed has made me look forward to hearing Laura sing again. *hopes*

  7. The phrase “star quality” is bandied about a lot, but Laura always did have it. She is what they call a “triple threat”: she can dance, sing, act. I’m thrilled she’s doing so well on Call the Midwife now. It’s so lovely to see all those early hopes and ambitions realised. (x)

    #but can we see more pics from the shoot pretty please??

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  8. For what it’s worth - i.e. after on-the-right-road's excellent updates earlier today - here are my lot as well. You didn't expect it to be a glossy, did you? :p Personally I'm fascinated by how clear the printing process can be seen on that promo pic.

    Anyhow, happy 24 hours to go! Don’t faint before we start.

  9. All the stunners in one place. You get how much they love the show and their characters from just these tiny interview(let)s.

    (Glamour UK, January 2013)

    Cheeky reblog. It’s been a year, and look how far we’ve come…

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  10. Laura Main in Father Brown.

    I’m always partial to detective hijinks though. Tom Chambers isn’t bad either, especially not in fitted, costume drama suits, and according speech mannerisms.