2. There’s audio for it too.

  3. Actually, let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

  4. The beginning.

  5. never-more-certain:


    Quote from Jennifer Worth’s Call the Midwife, a most excellent book.

    Oh my goodness save me, THIS IS SO CUTE.

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  6. *raises hand* Mind if we return to the topic of Dr and Mrs Turner go to Torquay for their honeymoon? I know there’s a distinct lack of palm-trees on these pictures, the observation of which I recall as a wish of Sister Bernadette’s, but let’s pretend they - the trees - are hiding around the corner.

    Yes, the styling, hair at least, is veering a little towards the 1940s, but it’s so beautiful that I cannot be arsed to care about a slight historical inaccuracy for speculation/inspiration purposes. The (sometimes not-applicable) muted colours, the high-waists, the textures, and the accessories. Ugh.

    Outrageously blissful photographs by Martina Ankarfyr.

  7. thinking/feeling


  9. I don’t know if I’ve said too much - or not enough - ABOUT THAT NEW AUTOCLAVE


    We know how Heidi Thomas played the subtext masterfully both in charged and everyday contexts. Some of the speech bubbles of what is really felt by the major players in Turnadette have already been published here. Here are some more blurbs of what they  REALLY would like to say.  I’m sorry I am not able to photoshop these..


    1. Never  in my wildest dreams. WANNA KNOW MY WILD DREAMS, DOC?


    Well, I giggled. And I DO. NOT. GIGGLE.

  10. Confession: in terms of re-watching segments, I think this bit comes very close indeed to The Road Scene. Specifically the pre-cig semi-establishing shots. Sister B is looking almost mischievous/coy. None of that post-delivery serene nun-face (at which Sister Julienne excels). There is something on her mind.